WELCOME! With such a diverse body of work, this site only represents a small percentage of TEAM’s highly acclaimed work in Brand & Business Development, Marketing and Promotions. I am extraordinarily proud of pioneering so many industry INNOVATIONS over the years in transactional sports, entertainment, & fitness and look forward to achieving many more.

I can describe my company’s history is a single sentence that was our credo every single day:

Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.

Our mission: Transformations via Intelligence, Inspiration, Innovation and Perspiration.

Describing myself is quite a bit more challenging for me, so I let some pros do it as summing up 30+ years of work is, well, hard to put into a few bullets. So, many edits later, this is the “topline”.

For more than 30 years, Bonnie Werth has been a  pioneering visionary in the distribution, marketing, advertising, and promotion of high profile entertainment properties and brands, as well as a highly experienced writer/producer of award-winning, on‑air advertising and promotional content. Breaking new ground in the nascent cable television industry at the beginning of her career, she has been racking up “industry firsts” ever since.

Through her company, TEAM Services Marketing & Promotion, Inc., Werth has been instrumental in the success of numerous media brands, including:

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where over the course of nine years Werth helped aggressively lead the “Spectacle To Sport” transformation of this fledgling franchise into a modern sports empire recently sold for $4billion dollars. Developing into UFC’s New Business Development Agency Werth structured and negotiated all UFC North American Pay-Per-View distribution deals, developed and launched UFC’s Video On Demand service in 2008, initiated and negotiated Yahoo!Sports first live transactional event franchise on their online portal with UFC PPV events, secured a dedicated UFC Channel on Yahoo! Sports in 2009, and in 2010 launched UFC live events into hotels and nationwide into movie theatres in both 2-D and 3-D.

•  World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly WWF), where between 1995 and 2013 Werth spearheaded the organization’s successful efforts to regain its status as the number one pay‑per‑view event provider in the world. TEAM built the most comprehensive pay-per-view distribution and marketing operation in the business, while innovating the industry’s first massive consumer research initiative on PPV buyers. Working closely with WWE’s cable and satellite distribution partners and thousands of individual cable operators, as well as garnering sponsors and retail partners, TEAM brought WWE to the pinnacle of success with Wrestlemania events that garnered over one million buys worldwide. Then, Werth launched WWE into Video On Demand as a precursor for the global digital WWE Network, which Werth acted as a consultant to this groundbreaking new initiative,

• Pee-Wee Herman-TIME Magazine’s “Top 10 Comebacks” in 2011. Werth was very influential, as the brand marketing agency, in furthering Paul Reubens’s high profile re-launching of the legendary Pee-Wee Herman brand and franchise, providing branding, project development, marketing, and promotion for this iconic American treasure. This historic comeback included The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway and the production of The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway for HBO, which resulted in an Emmy Nomination for Werth as Executive Producer. Werth’s proudest achievement for Mr. Reubens was securing “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” as part of MOMA’s “Century of The Child: Growing By Design” coveted exhibition in 2012.

Bombshell Fitness-Werth tackled a unique brand transformation challenge by extending the world’s largest, all female, NPC/IFBB competitive bodybuilding online training franchise—to mainstream women from 18-55 years of age. beginning with a major brand overhaul from logo re-design, creative brand re-positioning, comprehensive customer research, a new interactive and transactional website, new product offerings and pricing packages, TEAM re-launched Bombshell Fitness as “World Premiere Fitness for Winning Women “ . Now women could join Bombshell Fitness to become Professionally Fit —or— Fitness Professionals.” By 2016 almost 50% of Bombshell Fitness members from 18-55 were mainstream women!

• As the exclusive pay‑per‑view marketing agency for Playboy TV, Request Television, E! Entertainment Television, Buena Vista Television, Universal Studios, New Line Cinema, Twentieth Century Fox, and Paramount Pictures, Werth dramatically raised the profile of the pay‑per‑view industry by being the first agency to execute major national movie promotions by securing major corporate sponsors, including McDonald’s, Microsoft, MCI, Planet Hollywood and several major record labels.

1992 Olympics TripleCast-NBC/Cablevision’s groundbreaking, which offered a LIVE, 24/7 pay‑per‑view broadcast of the Barcelona Olympics for two weeks on PPV three channels at an unprecedented consumer price point of $175 for the package! TEAM was the sole cable affiliate relations and marketing agency responsible for engaging, educating, motivating, and assisting thousands of cable systems with every aspect of this complex events from technical requirements to consumer marketing initiatives and promotions.

• Copa America, TEAM brought the world’s first live soccer series to  pay-per view offered in both Spanish and English. Sponsored by AT&T, Copa America was so successful on PPV it quickly became a fiercely bid sports property by major sports networks.

Werth’s flair for creating memorable branding began early in her career, with her start as a senior writer/producer for the boutique ad agency Howard Goldstein Organization (HGO) famous for launching fashion advertising on television with the famed Jordache Jeans brand that attained legendary status. From there, Werth started her own television production company, BonFire Productions, and was involved in the on-air and ad sales promotion of many “burgeoning” cable networks including HBO, Showtime, Arts & Entertainment, AMC, Bravo, and Playboy TV before expanding the depth and scope of her passion into the pay-per-view industry and the evolution of TEAM Services.

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